Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention

Appointed annually by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Notre Dame’s Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention (CSAP) offers advice and guidance to the Office of Student Affairs on how to assist and support victims of sexual assault. A cross campus committee comprised of faculty, staff and students, it facilitates collaboration and communication among the different departments and student groups working to address sexual violence and spearheads a variety of rape education/prevention initiatives.

Strategic Goals and Priorities

The goals of CSAP are to offer advice and guidance to the Vice President for Student Affairs on how to assist and support victims of sexual assault, to spearhead assessment efforts to understand the needs of our students, to recommend a variety of prevention initiatives, and to facilitate collaboration among departments and student groups to address sexual violence.  

The priorities that CSAP has focused its efforts during the 2015-16 academic year are:

  • Expand the offering of educational and prevention programs and services.
  • Intensify the marketing of resources throughout campus to increase awareness and education.
  • Expand the membership of CSAP to ensure it is reflective of the Notre Dame community.
  • Develop assessment measures to determine effectiveness of strategies.

Members (2016-17 Academic Year)

Name   Title/Affiliation email
Christine Caron Gebhardt (co-chair)   Director, Gender Relations Center
William Stackman (co-chair)   Associate Vice President for Student Services, Student Affairs
Connie Adams   Belles Against Violence, Saint Mary's College
Wendy Angst   Mendoza College of Business
Mimi Beck   Graduate Student Life
Sr. Mary Donnelly, O.P.   Rector, Pangborn Hall
Annie Envall   Notre Dame Alumni Association
Monique Frazier-Paskell   Office of Institutional Equity
Jenna Gehl Jones   McDonald Center for Well-Being
Regina Gesicki   Gender Relations Center
Kelly Hogan Stewart   McDonald Center for Well-Being
Ian Klupar   Student, Holy Cross College
Fr. Bob Loughery, C.S.C.   Rector, Sorin College
Victoria Makuru   Graduate Student Union
Bill McKenney   Holy Cross College
Monica Montgomery   Student Government
Kate Morgan   Office of Student Affairs
Iris Outlaw   Multicultural Student Programs and Services
Chris Pratt, LTC   ROTC
Ava Preacher   Arts and Letters
Heather Ryan   Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Emily Scott   Student, Saint Mary's College
Abbie Spica   Student, Saint Mary's College
Valerie Staples   University Counseling Center
Steve Stebbins, Lt.   Notre Dame Security Police
Niraja Suresh   Graduate Student Union
Kelly Todd   Special Victim's Unit - SJC Prosecutor's Office
Kris Urschel   Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Saint Mary's College
Claire VeNard   Student Welfare and Development - Athletics
Kyle Vonderheide   ROTC
Grace Watkins   Student Government
Pierce Witmer   Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV)
Ryan Willerton   Office of Community Standards