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Join us in our #whereigreeNDot campaign: April 3 - 30

❶ Post a photo or video via Twitter or Instagram from April 3 - 30 stating where you are, and how you green dot - a.k.a. proactive or reactive green dots

❷ Make sure your photo or video shows you wearing/holding/displaying greeNDot apparel or swag

❸ Use the hashtag #whereigreeNDot and tag @ndgreendot

❹ Be entered to win prizes for the following categories:             

  • 1st place overall: Apple Watch             
  • 2nd place overall: Apple AirPods             
  • Most creative greeNDot display: GoPro             
  • Best classroom post: Pizza party for classroom             
  • Best residence hall post: Pizza party for residence hall             
  • Most people in the photo wearing/holding greeNDot apparel and/or swag: Starbucks giftcards (up to $300 to share amongst those in the photo/video)

Don't forget to check out the rules

  • Must be a student, faculty, or staff of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College, or Holy Cross College to submit an entry
  • Photos and videos must be in good taste
  • Participating in the #whereigreeNDot campaign gives us the right to use images and/or videos in futuregreeNDot marketing
  • If you don’t have access to Twitter or Instagram, email entries to greendot@nd.edu

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